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team coaching

Team Meeting

teams can perform at their optimum when they master the art of collaboration

who is this for?

functional teams managing multiple stakeholders to deliver business-critical initiatives who seek to operate at their highest potential irrespective of their location; team coaching will help you - 


  • navigate matrixed, complex environments

  • create agility, clarity, and impact

  • adapt to transitions (if any) with new teams

  • resolve conflicts or tension

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the coaching process

team coaching programs are customised to suit each organisational and/or project team requirement

the program will integrate experiential activities, assessment, and coaching interventions in the following stages

  1. consulting - scope out the program, identifying key indicators and measures for success

  2. kick-off - intro and briefing to teams 

  3. team assessments - identify team strengths, motivations and development areas 

  4. coaching sessions -  2, 4, or 8-hour sessions with an aim to facilitate the team in delivering results while developing effective processes and functional relational dynamics

  5. debrief - evaluation and measuring the return on investment

all assignments commence with an in-depth needs analysis to determine the key focus areas and define what success looks like; where agreed, key stakeholders are included in this process

I availed team coaching sessions for my staff and me. We have been able to improve our understanding of the issues significantly. Our coach had the ability to ask the right questions at the right time prompting us to think at a deeper level. I would thoroughly recommend Aparna to help you in whatever your company's need may be. 

Sandesh Pitrubhakta - Director, Canvas Art Interiors 


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