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Working with your EGO


Ego is a sense of self. Sometimes it can take you up; most times it can bring you down. It's an illusion that creates a mask over our minds.

Almost every religion refers to the ego as an ultimate evil, destroyer of relationships. Sanatana Dharma refers to it as an obstacle in worldly and spiritual happiness.

Ego is always within us!

My awareness of the ego within me came during the career transition. The need to free up my time (I was working for 10 hours) and do something meaningful vs staying in the comfort zone with a steady income. Where is ego in this, you may ask?

The ego surfaced with this thought - Once out of job, I needed to rely on my husband for money. You see I have been an independent working woman for more than 23 years and to ask for money.. was shameful to me. I had never even asked for money from Dad since 1995. I struggled to understand why I was feeling this. It took me 2 years to realise what was the root cause before I took the decision to quit. I had to work on my ego.

I am sure Ego in some form was always there within me. But that was the first time I truly became aware of it.

The most recent example was when I was extending help to my friend running a workshop. I am a trainer /facilitator, I am open about learning new things. However, while promoting her workshop to my network, she asked me why don’t you join as well?

I said sure from the point that I wanted to help her.

Frankly, my approach was what can I learn here, I have seen the agenda of the program, what else can she teach me. I know everything. Ego.

But my sense to help her was higher, so I signed up for it.

I was the best decision because I had learned so much about my own approach to my business, how many times I do get off track, off focus, and what I need to do for exponential growth.

The point is the moment I recognized the presence of ego, I worked on getting over it. The outcome was true learning.

The ego is already within us. It’s good if it fuels us to move forward. If we’re mindful of its existence, we can use it constructively.

So the question I have for you is - Are you using your ego constructively?

Congratulations if you are.

If you’re not, then here are three steps you can follow to work on -

1. Awareness -