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Developing a Winning Attitude

You know already that having a winning attitude will catapult your life to a different level. You may also know that attitude are formed by the influences we have in our lives; which come from our beliefs, values, culture and experiences.

But regardless of these, is it possible to change our attitude?

Is it possible to develop a winning attitude when I don’t have one right now?

Our attitudes are like a mental window of the world we see and experience as we go through life. Some of us see the world as hopeless, bad, stuck and you can see it in their behaviour. For some of us, it’s exactly the opposite.

Overcoming obstacles, frustrations and difficulties with a smile shows a winning attitude.

There was a time I thought nothing was right in my life. I was at rock bottom but instead of staying there, I turned to my friends to comfort me. The healing began as I started to speak my heart out.. the more I poured out what’s in my heart and head, the better I began feeling. That was my tipping point. I quickly realised that situations may or may not change, but our reactions to it are based on our attitude

As a coach, that’s what I do. Help people move forward and create the attitude to win in life.

So .. is it possible to change our attitude? I will say ‘Oh yes’. You have to power to change anything that is within you.

But its not a switch. You cannot turn it on when you need it. You have to work on it every day.

Now comes to the point - how do we change to winning attitude. Here are few suggestions -

Adopt Positive Vocabulary

This means thinking, saying and talking everything positive, at least for sometime, everyday.

The words that come out of your mouth aren't just a reflection of what's in your brain -- they're programming your brain how to think. Therefore, for winning attitude, your vocabulary must be consistently positive.

Avoid Negative Sources

Which means people or media who spread negativity. Over exposure to any forms of negativity is a real killer of positivity. Ideally we need to remove them completely from our lives. But if that’s not possible, try to avoid them whenever possible.

Also spending time with people who have a negative view of life makes it very difficult for us to maintain a positive attitude. So be careful that you are not drawn into their lengthy gripe sessions.

Create Learning Attitude

Failure is inevitable right? So why not plan for setbacks? This helps you be ready for the failure when it happens.