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Is something wrong with me?

How many times have such thoughts crossed your mind? How do they make you feel?

When things don’t go the way you wanted them to, such thoughts are obvious to occur in your mind. But what you need to notice is, if such thoughts are temporary or are you looping in them more often?

Because the more you think such thoughts the more impact it has on your mental health

Major mental issues don’t appear out of a blue. They’re often the result of ignoring small changes, the feeling that “something is not quite right” about our thoughts and behaviour before it becomes a full-blown issue.

So if we become aware of our early symptoms we can protect the mental health of ourselves and our loved ones.

This is what you can do -


The first as always is to observe all the changes that are happening with you. You can literally see the signs such as changes in sleep patterns, dramatic mood swings, withdrawal from social conversations, loss of interest in everything, increased sensitivity. Observe any unusual behaviour you may find with yourself or with the people around you.

Don’t brush these symptoms off as just stress. Keep a note on what is happening within you. Or when you notice this with a loved one, observe the pattern and frequency

You can use various self-assessments that can also point you to the direction of your mental health


Next, you analyse if there is any possible root cause for this. Since when do you think you’ve been experiencing such changes. Is that a result of any event such as a heartbreak or loss of a loved one. Because sometimes such events can derail us a bit and if it’s temporary, it's perfectly normal. Prolonged derailment is not normal. Try to think what is causing it and how long have you been troubled by it.


Then try to talk to someone closest to you about.