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Top Time Wasters

Do you struggle with managing your time?

Have you wondered how some people do many things in the same time compared to you? I mean what is it that they’re doing what you are unable to?

You could be wasting time on many things and if you begin to make a list, you will probably write the obvious ones - being disorganised, watching movies, talking to friends, and if you're honest, then maybe spending time on social media.

But there are other things that you don't know you could be wasting your time on. And I want to draw your attention to the biggest time wasters that could be eating up your valuable time.

The first one on my list is Multitasking

Yes, you heard me right. Doing many things at one go is such a big mistake and I have been committing this crime repeatedly. You see I was always proud of my ability to do many things at one time. But you know what, it was not just causing me stress but also wasting my time. Recently I experimented on doing one task after the other and guess what, it took lesser time than doing many things in one go. I couldn’t believe it either.

So if you’re a multitasking junkie like me, I want you to experiment and see how much time do you take when doing a single task one after the other. Do let me know in the comments and tell me if it worked out for you.

The second one on my list is Smart Phone

You could've guessed this, if you were honest. And when I say smart phone, I include Social Media, Texting, Emails, Phone call... all the distractions that our phones are causing us.

Now, I have a thriving social media presence and I have to open my accounts constantly in a day to communicate and connect with people. So believe me when I’m saying that smart devices are our biggest time wasters. So I want you to recognise how much time are you spending on your phone.

If you want to know the answer just open your settings and check your screen time.