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How To Motivate Yourself Daily!

Remember the time you got all pumped up about something - a new idea or opportunity and pushed yourself hard. But after few days, you got bored. The idea doesnt seem exciting anymore, the process isn’t fun and you wondered if this is really worthy of your time. And then you see someone who achieves their goal and you wonder how they did it.

I was recently asked this question - How are people able to motivate themselves to achieve what they want? And why am I not able to do it?

I'd like to quote Mark Victor Hansen.

“We live in the age of too much information and not enough transformation. When people get stuck, it’s rarely because they don’t know enough. It’s because they lack the ability to act on what they already know.” 

So true

What is this ability that helps us get things done?

What can give us that extra push to follow through on things that we plan for ourselves?

The answer and the underlying factor that helps us succeed in whatever we do … is motivation. And motivation like our thoughts, emotions and situations, is temporary.

We need that daily dose to keep our enthusiasm and energy high. But how can we do this?

What can we do to keep our motivation alive every single day?

If you know me personally, you know that I’m an enthusiastic person. In fact it is the most frequently received compliment. But I know the fact that I’m not enthusiastic most of the times, I have my low moments as well. However I’ve adapted couple of things in my life that continuously help spring me back

1. Gratitude

Nothing in my life is perfectly aligned to what my plan is. There are days I procrastinate, days I am bored and lazy days when I feel very low and lonely... but no matter what my situation is, I realised that by being thankful for things I already have in my life, I find my motivation.

So an ideal trick for a daily motivation is to ‘start your day with abundance’.