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Achieving Work-Life Balance

As a coach, I get to hear a lot about work-life balance. People often feel guilty for putting more effort at work that they enjoy; they are apologetic for enjoying something and be called as workaholic or career-oriented with a negative connotation.

To some, work is life and they enjoy every bit of it. The reality I believe is only you can decide what is work and life for you. And balance is having to do all the things you have personally wanted to.

To me balance is to manage my time. To be able to accommodate several things into the time available to me and be contented with what I’ve done for the day

So if I’m passionate about reading books, I should be able to find time from my schedule to read a book yet do justice to my work as well as not eat into my family time.

Here are my 10 game-changing tips that you can use to create that sense of balance in your life.

1. Creating routines

Routines can create consistency in our schedules. They help us manage our time build healthy habits. However to keep with the routine, you need to be intentional or purposeful.

Routines I have created in my life has given me stability. It helped me to become productive, take better care of myself, and be consistent in doing so.

When routines become habit you will see how easily you’ll be able to manage your time.

An effective way to create routines is when you calendar block your time.

2. Calendar blocking

Lot of productivity experts recommend this. It’s a simple technique where you

block out chunks of your time for your routines, work, social events, family time and your domestic chores

I’ve shared this previously as well check here. It’s easy for you to calendar block your time if you’re planning in advance

3. Plan your week /month