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My experiments with Minimalism

For a few years now I am fascinated by the concept of minimalism. I used to love watching minimalism videos and was amazed at how people can live with so less.

I’ve learnt that as a minimalist you need to

  • Declutter

  • Reduce unnecessary purchase

  • Remove toxic things from your life

Easier said than done I guess. Although I was able to reduce considerably, decluttering was really a challenge.

For example, I look at my son’s old drawings, from when he was in kindergarten. I’m thinking should I throw it away because I want to be a minimalist? Would I be keeping clutter if I was not throwing away? I kept it with me because those drawings make me happy.

Same with many items around my house. A farewell gift from a colleague, birthday cards from college days and unused scented candles I picked up from my travels. Every one of these items gave me joy. They gave me fond memories of the time gone by. And of course, I ended up keeping all of them.

So does that make me someone who clutters?

Should I forgo sentimental items because I want to be a minimalist?

I reflective much on this and have finally decided to lead a simple happy life with many memories around me rather than fall for a trend to become minimalist. Let me rephrase that - I decided to follow minimalism but not become a minimalist.

Which means I will DECLUTTER - remove the unused but keep the sentimental