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Clarity in Confusion

Human brain is amazing and it continues to keep our scientists and neurologists busy. But with the constant flow of information in today’s world our brain can go into hyperdrive and result into the concept called information overload. With this comes the state of confusion.

When you are in the confused you could go through a range of emotions that can make you feel powerless, anxious and stressed.

“Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” ~Cicero

For long now, I have been trying to make sense of the confusion I was in. It's easy to shut it out and pretend it doesn't impact me. However I realised I would be alienating myself doing so. I want to be included, involved yet gain clarity in the stage of confusion. Well this is what I figured -

Find the source

There are many untruths out there. Before making any decision, question whether everything you’ve been told about a subject is factually correct. You can do that by finding the source of that information. Who is giving this information?

Also understand it is very easy these days to quote a reputed organisation or research analysis and twist the message. So do your bit of research and get to the root of it.

List your alternatives

When you have so much information it is easy to draw out alternatives from them. So make your list. See how each one fares

Take a bit of time to analyze the course of your action and result that follow. How do you feel with that result. You can also start from the result you want and work backwards to creating alternatives

Talk it out

Sometimes listening to others opinion helps us get our clarity. So look out for someone with the same mental make up as you. Someone with whom you share common belief and talk it out.

You may also engage with a personal coach like me to talk it out and gain clarity.

Remember Your Priorities