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Brainhacks to STOP Procrastinating

When you postpone things until the very end

Then you have to hurry .. to fix and to mend

You begin to curse, to comprehend

Coz there isn’t any more time, left to lend

You promise yourself you will pull up your act

And when the time come to renew your pact

You slid and slide into the same distract

It’s repeating again and that’s the fact

You’re in the endless zone of procrastination my friend

It’s like a disease that can long extend

Unless you take control of your self and mend

Here are few ways I would like to recommend

Brain hacks to stop procrastinating!

1. Create an accountability

Depending on the task you have, declare it to someone who can become your cheerleader. Make them your accountability partner. Or declare it to your social media group.

I’ve created accountability for the task of creating videos by declaring it on my channel. This helps me to push myself and get things done consistently

2. Choose the smallest task first

From your list of things to do, identify what is easiest to complete then finish it first. For example, you want to do the laundry but you feel like checking your Facebook. Tell yourself you will check Facebook once you put the clothes into the machine and switch it on. But just before you pick up your phone, strike the task of laundry off your list. Physically. The action of striking it off your list will motivate you to take on the next task.