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Priming Your Brain

Have you ever struggled with a short attention span? With increasing distractions it seems our attention is lesser than the goldfish. Not sure why we are compared to goldfish but these days distractions are everywhere.

As a working mother, I had to multitask all the time. And when you multitask for years together, retaining focus on a single task became very difficult. I still use the word - difficult but it’s not impossible. There is a way of hacking into your brain so that you can trick it to believe what you want it to.

Brain hacking or mind hacking apparently helps us unlearn some stuff that we’re used to and replace them with what you want at this point of time.

So with that intention today I will share with you one of the powerful brain hacking technique. It's called 'Priming' and using this can help you unlock your true potential.

Priming is a ridiculously simple technique. It involves reciting a given set of words or trigger words that can alter your mindset. Here’s what you can do -

Write down a specific sentence you want to wire into your brain. Say for example for this experiment you can use one of your specific goals. Now put a date next to that goal.

Let’s take this sentence ‘Lose 10 kilos by 31 December 2018’

Now read this aloud continuously couple of times making sure you point at the words as you read them.

So what happens when you do it repeatedly?

Neuroscientists have proved that the neurons or our brain cells that fire together, wire together. This means when you use your senses of sight touch and sound, several braincells come together creating a pattern of thinking. When you repeatedly reinforce this sentence, it creates a strong automatic pattern in your brain that causes you to think, feel and do things differently so your reality changes.

Let me repeat that - this action causes you to think, feel and do things differently so your reality changes.