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Laws of Goal Setting

This blog is originally created for Coach To Transformation.

If there is one thing that I loved and obsessed since the beginning of my career, it was to organise, plan and set goals for myself. I read every possible book, article published, heard over and over what influencers were talking about how they set their goals and achieve them one after the other. So much so that all the knowledge I gained over the years helped me a great deal when I became an entrepreneur.

Most of us have set goals at some point or the other. You’re already aware how important goals are to progress in our lives.

What I figured over these years is that there were several ancillary aspects of goal setting that influence what you think, do and the results you create. These could be the secret ingredients to turning your thoughts into reality by literally mastering your mind.

Law of Attraction

The basic premise of this law is - ‘what we think about predominantly, is what we attract into our lives.’ The key word here is to understand what you truly want in your goals. If you don’t know what you truly want or express in form of clear goals, you’re unlikely to achieve them.

One way to achieve your goals is to deliberately think on purpose. You need to adjust your mindset accordingly. Adapting a positive growth mindset, will not just create love for learning and improving but also help you prepare to encounter failures if any.

Law of Alchemy

Alchemy is the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, then reconstructing as something more polished and of more value. The first law of alchemy talks of Equivalent Exchange - you cannot gain anything unless you first give.

When you apply this to goal setting, it allows you to first take your goals out of your head and to put it out into the universe ie, write them down - specific and detailed. Then you assess the thoughts associated with the goal and make a clear concise plan in which you can include something to give back to the universe in order to get the goal achieved. More on this in later blogs.

Law of Emotion

Our brain perceives risk in two ways - Fear & Hope. Fear helps to create conditions that help us prevent loss. Hope creates conditions for the pursuit of gain. However, our brains’ default mode is fear. You need to watch the emotion every goal creates within you so that you can manage these emotions in a better way.

Law of Control

Epictetus, a Greek philosopher said on control - “Some things are up to us,