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Life’s lessons from my feline gurus!

Last summer my husband and I made a bold decision to gift a pair of kittens to my son, for his birthday. My son has been demanding a pet since forever, so needless to say, he was overjoyed getting them. He named them Jay, female and Jake, a tomcat. Every single day, since then, has been an experience. I’ve petted them, cared for them (and their offspring), went through a roller coaster of emotions and learnt so many lessons along the way.

Cats are said to be most intellectually superior creatures on Earth, why else would humans bow down to their needs. My kitties certainly act like royalty. They are so elegant and gorgeous (as you can see in the pic) that often I stop to just watch them. And every time I watched them, I’ve learnt a new lesson.

My attempt today, is to share with you some of these exquisite feline traits and draw parallel to important life’s lessons for us.

Lesson 1 - The Curiosity Quotient (CQ)

A cats’ curiosity is famous, but it is their territorial instinct. Jay and Jake just want to know each and everything around them. They would obsessively sniff any new item found within their territory until they familiarised it. There is no stopping them until they sniffed it to their satisfaction.

Harvard Business Review published a compelling article- “Curiosity Is as Important as Intelligence”. People with higher Curiosity Quotient or CQ are more inquisitive, open to new experiences and are more tolerant of ambiguity. Unlike IQ though, CQ can be developed. Curiosity is also linked to innovation and many corporations today look at the CQ aspect before hiring. Developing CQ helps in your social relations as well.

Lesson 2 - Art of Focus

Jake had this unwavering focus on items he has marked as ‘goals’. And when goals are marked, he’d give it his undivided attention. Be it a stuffed toy, a pack of fish or even if he wants to be left alone. It was tough to dissuade him and he would pursue it relentlessly.

Goals are important in our lives. Getting goals and having a feline-like focus is what we need to make progress. Stanford researchers found that attention and memory suffer in those show juggle multiple tasks at a single time. Other studies too suggest employees actually lose time when multitasking. However incredible things happen when we channel our energies into a focused goal.

Lesson 3 - Being Mindful

Everyone knows that animals generally hear ultrasound frequencies which humans cannot. Jay & Jake would too. But what is amazing is that even when they look like they’re in deep sleep, their ears keep twitching and swivelling as if they heard some sound. They're always alert and aware of their surroundings. Try going closer to them, they immediately pop up their head and look at you.

We need to learn this ability from cats. Most of us are on auto-pilot surviving one day after the other. It pays to stop and listen around. It pays to be mindful of our surroundings, what’s happening around the world and have conversations with people around us. In a study called "A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind," Harvard psychologists conclude that people are happiest when doing activities that keep the mind alert. Planning, reminiscing, or thinking about anything other than the current activity usually undermines the happiness.