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High Performer, Bad Attitude

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was nice and bright yet there was a certain nip in the air that indicated it was going to be a wonderful day. I reached home in a positive mood after a good workout session (with endorphins at high) and saw my mother in law irritated with our cook. ‘She’s got a very bad attitude’ she scowled at me, for the cook hadn't prepared a meal as per her instructions. It was a definite mood killer.

As the day went by, I came across two other stories that spoke about bad attitudes, especially at workplaces. I am also reminded of my own experiences in handling people with bad attitude and behaviours. How relationships suffer, how moods change and tempers fly, how clients are upset and deals are lost often when dealing with people with a bad attitude.

That is when I began to ponder. What is an attitude? Not in the sense of the definition which of course is available on the web. But my question is more in the sense of how one perceives it. If you believe something in a certain way and I do not, does that make me have a bad attitude? Does attitude mean not conforming to the rules; expectations set by authorities?

Consider this scenario —

'A' is one of the key contributors in your team. 'A' is an extremely productive employee with superb technical knowledge about all your products. 'A' is able to manage your customers very well which always ensures customer retention.

However 'A' has a bad attitude and does not get along well with colleagues. 'A' often arrives late and leaves early, checks mobile while in a discussion, is distracted in meetings, and often makes insulting remarks to colleagues. 'A' is often found complaining in front of the team about how bad the company is and how 'A' is waiting for an opportunity to get out. '

I’m sure you may have known a person like 'A' at some point in your career. How do you think A’s behaviour will impact the team?

According to studies conducted by Leadership IQ - 87% of employees say that working with someone with bad attitude actually made them want to change their jobs. A staggering 93% people say that working with people with bad attitude reduced their productivity and made the environment unhealthy.

Clearly bad or negative attitudes and the resulting behaviours, not just bring everyone down at the workplace; it is one of the most important factors for personal failure as well. No matter how skilled you are, if your attitude is not right, you are destined for doom. And by doom, I mean failure in the areas of life that you work so hard for.

How do you deal with Bad Attitude effectively?

When you are faced with the bad attitude, it is prudent that it is nipped in the bud. Bad behaviours that are not addressed become bigger, uglier and things can get out of your hand. As a manager, it is important to be vigilant about the kind of attitudes your team keeps.

This four step mantra worked wonderfully for me and it can work for you as well-