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Behaviour Modification

Ever been in a situation where other person's behaviour perplexed you?

Can you for a moment think and categorize, if that behaviour was unpleasant or would you categorize it as outright bad? Or is undesired the right word?

Any behaviour that does not conform to the rules of the society is considered undesired. But thats a larger subject.

For this article, lets stick to what happens at your workplace and imagine this scenario

A new colleague, say X with exceptional academic background and work experience joins your team. Because of X's previous record and the first impression made during the interview, X becomes everyone's favourite.

However X lacks the understanding and usage of appropriate methods, tools or industry best practices to get the work done yet does not ask for help. X does not complete work on time and is often found talking on mobile phone during work hours. When confronted, X ignores and treats immediate colleages as inferiors.

At the time of deadline, X somehow charms the team to understand the details of the task and comes forward to present it. Everyone else thinks the task completion is due to X's effort and X is appreciated. (X here is considered gender neutral)

Does this scenario sound familiar? Let's list down X's behaviour which can be called as undesired (from your perspective), since workplace has defined rules and guidelines -

  • Failure to complete work on time

  • Treating colleagues as inferiors

  • Taking credit for someone's work

  • Using distractions while at work

If X continues to behave this way, do you think it will impact rest of the team? What then is the solution?

Behaviour Modification

Key to any behaviour modification is to first understand the problem correctly & completely. One can then take these necessary steps -

  • Diagnosing the behaviour

  • Understanding the personal, social and environmental factors that effect/maintain these behaviours

  • Using positive reinforcements to alter the behaviours