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leadership development

College Students

to serve and transform the leaders of today for tomorrow

who is this for?

students and freshers with an ambition to become part of the top management team (TMT) or lead an organisation in the capacity of CXO, the spirit-centered leadership program will help you - 


  • work inside out helping you master holistic leadership skills aiding to a thorough behavioural transformation

  • create an empathic human being with clarity of thought & a strategic mindset which is accelerated through early intervention

  • deal with pressures related to sustainability, quality assurance, and the ability to meet client expectations require effective leadership to lead, change, and improve enterprise performance


spirit-centered leadership program

this is an ontology-based program that focuses on developing the elements that make a great leader 

it covers three crucial areas of transformation simultaneously

  • mindsets 

  • mindfulness 

  • behaviours

this competency, skill, and behaviour model works at multiple layers. 

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this program is conducted over a period of 6 to 9 months works, at a deeper level through a combination of assessments, focused workshops, mentoring by industry leaders, and coaching interventions which enables leadership, cognitive and behavioural transformation aligned to industry needs. 

the program is extremely useful for students in their final year management program with aspirations to become the next GREAT LEADER

our value proposition

80+ years of combined industry experience 

leading business units /practice

corporate leadership experience

business background

coaching experience

skill development experience

strategic partnership


sunil parsani

  • sunil parsani

aparna ramesh k

  • aparna ramesh k

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