Sayali Shende is a high powered, outcome focussed, facilitative trainer with 20 years of corporate experience in India and the USA. She is specialized in - 


  1. Creating and conducting safe and POSH Act 2013 compliant workspaces for organizations; 

  2. Unboxing Effectiveness of Individuals, Teams, Leaders, and Organizations through facilitative training using deft interplay of cognition, experiential and facilitative group process.

  3. Consult organizations to enhance productivity by identifying training needs and support though extended and periodic training interventions


She believes in deep, long-lasting learning which is internalized through Individual Development Plans/Action Plans. To make this happen she works on the Fundamentals of "Knowing- Doing-Being"

To support her passion, she has an array of professional certifications such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (USA), Communication Studies (USA), Basic Lab in Applied Behaviour  (ISAB), Bangalore, Process Facilitation- Tata Institute of Social Studies (TISS) and KIAMS Bangalore and Pune, to name a few. 

Sayali Shende

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