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Free Downloads

Mood Monitor

This is how you use it.​​​

  • Take a print of this sheet

  • Add colour of your choice to your predominant moods

  • Track your mood daily and mark the mood as per the colour you created in the legend.

  • Reflect on it weekly, monthly, quarterly based on how severe your mood swings are

  • If you see extreme spikes please seek professional help


Planner Inserts

As discussed in my video, click on the icon to download the editable - Planner Inserts for your DIY Customized Planner


Watch the full video to see how these inserts look inside your planner. 


Have fun! :)

Intentional Living Planner insert will help you to live consciously and create balance in your life.


There are 3 sheets - Month, Week and Daily, all downable in one easy-to-use file. You can use these sheets as inserts with a file folder or have these printed and put in front of you on a pin board. 


Putting it up in front of you will serve you as a reminder every day. 

Good luck! :)

Intentional Living Planner 

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