Mentoring by definition is a sustained relationship between a less experienced individual (protégé) and a more experienced individual (mentor) dedicated to achieving long-term success and fulfilment. A mentor is an expert in their field who are willing to share their success formula with those who seek.

A meta-study of 151 studies on mentoring and found that over 90% reported evidence of positive outcomes from mentoring programs (B.C. Hansford, L.C. Ehrich and L. Tennent, 2003).

Personal Mentoring Services

Goal-oriented Mentoring (MS01) 
Focus on specific goals such as career, marriage etc. for a specific time limit 


Speed Mentoring (MS02) 
Time-limited meetings (usually 1 hour) where we focus on quick-hit information 


Virtual Mentoring (MS03) 
Virtual mentoring done through video & telephonic conversations

Looking for a mentor? Tell us about your needs and we'll be happy to help.

Service Locations

We currently provide services in the following locations



Please connect with us to know more about our services and how we can help design tailor-made programs for your organisation.

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