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life coaching

Stones of Meaning

the most difficult part is to figure out the why of your life,  how to get it is relatively simple - we will help you discover both here

who is this for?

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for everyone with questions you are seeking, the answers lie within you and our life coaches will help you - 


  • set clear life direction and goals

  • remove stress and anxiety

  • build resilience to navigate through uncertainties

  • develop self-confidence

  • improve time /balance 

  • harness growth mindset and silence inner critic

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the coaching process

life coaching programs are one on one discussions that are usually conducted face-to-face or virtual via video call as decided


due to covid-related restrictions, these sessions are currently done online via zoom/ skype/ facetime /whatsapp calls 


the sessions will typically be for 60 minutes on the topic you choose based on the goals we create


typically a coaching engagement happens in four phases. The duration of each phase depends entirely upto you

phase 1

setting up and clarifying what you want to achieve

agreement on boundaries and expectations

phase 2

create and follow through on action plans

defining milestones 

phase 3

mid-reviewing progress


celebrate milestones


course correction if necessary

phase 4

review progress


charting the next course


Aparna has been very supportive in helping me focus and improve my competencies. She provided inputs that were instrumental in making me progress. I am very thankful to her for her guidance and suggestions. They are helping me identifying the gaps that I had as well as how to fill these gaps.


next steps


leadership programs

our leadership programs help students enhance their leadership qualities and become good to great leaders of the future 


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career coaching

we support you in exploring inwards to understand what makes you tick, ideate the possible opportunities and take action in creating a career you want

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