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executive coaching

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we support executives understand and develop their leadership potential meet the organization’s current and future challenges

who is this for?

you could be a senior executive with an organisation or preparing to start your own business; executive coaching will help you - 

  • enhance effectiveness in the role you work in

  • prepare for more complex leadership roles

  • transition into the role you aspire to

  • navigate complex internal & external stakeholders

  • managing your career proactively

  • adapt to current market dynamics

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the coaching process

executive coaching programs are customised to suit each client’s requirement


the program can go from 3- 6- 12 month packages based on the need 

the program begins with goals set with all key stakeholders along with agreed review periods, followed by requisite assessments (optional) and one to one session plans 


all assignments commence with an in-depth needs analysis to determine the key focus areas and define what success looks like; where agreed, key stakeholders are included in this process

Aparna is a very good coach. We discussed a variety of topics during the assignment. I have not discussed most of my problems with anyone, and it was good to speak to her about them. She is a very good listener and leaves a positive impact.


Suriya Gangwar, IT Consultant, New Delhi


career coaching

we support you to explore inwards to understand what makes you tick, ideate the possible opportunities and take action on creating a career you want

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team coaching

we support teams to master the art of collaboration so they can perform their best together

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