Upcoming Events

Sat, Dec 12
Virtual Interactive Via Zoom
Roadmap 2021 : The Goal & Strategy Workshop
This workshop will help you create a roadmap for your professional and/or personal life in 2021
Time is TBD
Essential Skills for the Future CXO
What does it take to become a leader? Join in the conversations to see what do you need to do to become a successful CXO!
Time is TBD
Passion 2 Profession
You may know what you are passionate about and what you REALLY want to do but could have things stopping you from getting started. OR you may not be aware of your passion and want to know what it is. This workshop is for all such dreamers!
Time TBD
via Zoom
Goal Setting for Students
This 3 hour workshop will teach you goal setting, planning & organising skills that will help you gear up for your semester, your year and your life.

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