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essential skills - student series

essential skills for the future workforce

the essential skills for the future workforce webinar showcase the practical skills b-school students need to survive and thrive in the next normal

our panelists are industry leaders from marketing, finance, and IT, ITES disciplines with experience in hiring processes in their companies

they shared extremely valuable information that is crucial for all students

we have broken up the entire discussion into bite-sized easy consumable episodes 


check them in the slides below: 

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context & introduction

we are all in an unprecedented phase living through the worst pandemic to ever hit the modern world

you will agree when i say, this crisis has permanently reshaped our world and it continues to unfold

while we’re uncertain about the fallout, this break, if i can call it, has helped us reflect and rethink the way we used to work and course correct our shortcomings

COVID-19 has disrupted world economies. It also created options for INDIA to explore avenues that were not focused on earlier 


these options have helped corporates as well as MSMEs to reorient themselves for success in the post-COVID world

one such area where the focus is on is reskilling and upskilling

watch / listen further here...

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