E-learning programs are a comprehensive transformation programs conducted virtually. They are not pre-recorded sessions, rather live classes online. Each instructor will dedicate their time based on yours to deliver the results we promise to achieve. Do connect with us for more information. 

Courses Offered

Effective Communication

This 1 hour x 6 month weekly course with personalised goals and action plan. By end of this course you will be able to - 

  • understand how Communication works as a two way process

  • how to communicate face to face and various factors associated with it

  • learn to differentiate between verbal and written communication

  • improve listening & questioning skills

  • learn the importance of assertive communication

  • overcome all communication issues you have

Course Code: EL01_EC

Habits For Success

This 1 hour X 5 day course will help you transform your habits. By end of this course, you will learn to - 

  • form positive habits & eliminate negative habits

  • leverage small daily actions and it's impact to your goals

  • discover your personal motivation that will make you stick to your self created habits

  • overcome the feelings of resistance

  • learn how your brain works and how to use it to your advantage 

Course Code: EL04_HS

Spoken English

This 1 hour x 3 month intensive daily classes focusing on Reading, Writing and Listening skills will help you improve your English language immensely. You will - 

  • improve your vocabulary including usage of common phrases and idioms

  • speak grammatically correct language

  • start to think in English

  • read and speak English fluently

  • start understanding and following different accents 

Course Code: EL02_SE

Building Confidence

This 1 hour x 5 day course will help you master your self-confidence and self-esteem. By end of this course, you will learn to- 

  • understand areas in life where you lack confidence  

  • acknowledge your areas of strength and weakness 

  • develop inner confidence and self-image

  • overcome limiting beliefs and doubts

  • create positive self-talk

Course Code: EL05_BC

Successful Networking

This 1 hour x 5 day course will make you a powerful networker. By end of this course you will be able to - 

  • identify your networking purpose and goals

  • learn tools & strategies for networking!

  • learn and use the 'law Of reciprocity' 

  • creating the "likeability factor"

  • finding the right type of audience

  • include online networking strategies for success

  • identify mentors to help you succeed further

Course Code: EL03_SN

Mental Resilience

This 1 hour x 5 day course will help you develop mental resilience. By end of this course, you will learn to

  • develop self-awareness 

  • understand your own emotional intelligence

  • work with brain boosting thoughts and beliefs

  • use practical tools to combat negative energies

  • understand the psychology of flexibility and positive purpose

  • master self-care, mindfulness and the art of letting go

Course Code: EL06_MR

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