Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximise their personal and professional potential. It is generative, not remedial. It’s all about empowering them to achieve desired growth, learn from their own experiences and to maximise their potential. It is distinctly different from mentoring and counselling as illustrated below 

Coaching Services

One to One Coaching (CS01)
Focus discussion for a specific time period 


Team Coaching Pro (CS02) 

Interventions with a focussed agenda either in group or individual for an agreed time period  


Personal Coaching Programs

Choose from the range of pre-structured programs to help you get ahead


Looking for a coach? Tell us about your coaching needs and we'll be happy to help.

Service Locations

Coaching sessions can be conducted face to face OR virtually anywhere in the world via Zoom /Skype /Facetime. 


In person face to face sessions are currently available at these locations

Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore


Please connect with us to know more about our services and how we can help design tailor-made programs for your organisation.

Available with program title
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