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career coaching

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career change - manage by design

a program to help you reinvent your career because life is too short to be miserable at work

who is this for?

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if you're looking for a career change, aim for career growth, pursue a passion or simply understand where your career is headed then our career coaching will help you - 


  • achieve clarity about what you want for having a fulfilling career

  • understand your strengths, values, skills 

  • harness growth mindset and silence inner critic

  • adapt and evolve demands of the industry

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the coaching process

the program uses a combination of activities, assessments, and deep coaching conversations through a structured framework in three distinct phases - explore, ideate and action

you can choose the combination of all three phases which typically will be in 12 sessions or the phase that you most closely identify with ie., your current need

explore : 5 sessions

in this phase, you will go inwards and explore who you are as a person, your life journey, and what gives you fulfillment


this becomes a foundation for your life and career.

we will explore your values, passions, and purpose along with your strengths & skills


we will also explore your work preferences, motivators & set achievable goals for life.

ideate : 3 sessions

in this phase, we get creative and identify possible new career choices 


when we brainstorm we attract ideas that can be narrowed down to the most viable options

we will create a new vision for your career and goals that align with this vision


action : 4 sessions

as the name suggests, in this phase, we will put all our understanding and ideation to clear concise plans


with a clear, structured action plan you can easily follow in order to make your career goal a reality


Aparna has been very supportive in helping me focus and improve my competencies. She provided inputs that were instrumental in making me progress. I am very thankful to her for her guidance and suggestions. They are helping me identifying the gaps that I had as well as how to fill these gaps.


next steps


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our leadership programs help students enhance their leadership qualities and become good to great leaders of the future 


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life coaching

we support you to maximise your potential be it in the professional setup or personal; to meet and often exceed your goals


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