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If you are ambitious and are looking to create an impact in this world with your career then you need the Career Change - Design & Management Program (CMD) now more than ever. Because life is too short to be miserable at work.

With the pandemic impacting every economy, the industries are in a reset /reinvention mode. A career coach can help you re-establish career-related goals, discover solutions to challenges you’re up against, develop action plans, support you to take action. 

CMD at any stage in your professional life can be a true game-changer. 

Program Outline

The program uses a combination of activities, assessments, and deep coaching conversations through a structured framework in three distinct phases - Explore, Ideate and Action. 

You can choose the combination of all three phases which typically will be in 12 sessions or the phase that you most closely identify with ie., your current need

Explore : 5 Sessions

In this phase, you will go inwards and explore who you are as a person, your life journey and what gives you fulfillment. This becomes a foundation for your life and career.

We will EXPLORE your values, passions and purpose along with your strengths & skills. We will also explore your work preferences, motivators & set achievable goals for life.

Ideate : 3 Sessions

In this phase we get creative and identify the possible new career choices. When we brainstorn we attract ideas which can be narrowed down to the most viable options.

We will create a new vision for your career and goals that align to this vision. 


Action : 4 Sessions

As the name suggest, in this phase, we will put all our understanding and ideation to clear conscise plans.


With a clear, structured Action Plan you can easily follow in order to make your career goal a reality.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this journey,

  • you will achieve clarity about what you must have in your new career to be satisfied and motivated, which can help you evaluate future career ideas or job opportunities. 

  • you will be clear on your skills + strength and how that brings value to you, the team and/organisation you are working.

  • you will harness growth mindset and silence the inner critic

  • you will adapt and evolve with the demands of the industry

Next Steps

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