“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts,
never fears, and never regrets.”


Leonardo da Vinci


What We Do




Bespoke Learning Programs - from sales behaviors to employee productivity to developing future leaders, we create & deliver programs suited specifically for your need.


Outcome-based Deeper Learning help empower students and develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities they will need for college, career, and life. 


Nonjudgemental & Unbiased, we help you achieve desired growth, uncover hurdles, explore your experiences and maximise potential.

Upcoming Programs

Mindful Life
Habits For Success Workshop

The Collaborators

Aparna Ramesh K

Behavioural Facilitator & Coach

Uday Deshpande

Executive & Leadership Coach

Sayali Shende

POSH & Diversity Consultant 

Ashish Mehta

Life Coach & HR Facilitator

Ritu Punjabi

Image Consultant & Softskill Trainer


mindspace to capture thoughts

"I’ve got 10,000 friends online who know everything about my life. My birthday, how I celebrated them, where I went for my vacation and what are the happy moments of my life. The joys of my life are all online. 

But when I’m sad and depressed, I don’t want to put it online. Maybe because I don’t want my “friends” to know anything is wrong with my life. Because I want my life to be...

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